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When I was told that there should be a story about me as part of the website, I wasn’t thrilled to say the least.  But everyone said “People want to know a little about you”.  I guess it’s a web thing.  I don’t know.  So, I’ll give it a shot.

I was born in the early 60’s.  When I was 3 years old, my Uncle Jimmy bought me my first drum kit.  It was one with Mickey Mouse on it, I think.  I banged on them morning, noon and night.  Oh yeah.  Oh yeah.  I loved them and then poof.  I got up one morning, and they were gone!!  Just disappeared!!  Magic maybe.  No one knew what happened to them!@#$!

Oh well.  At 3 ½ or 4, I soon forgot.  Now, fully into Batman and Batman pj’s, all was good again. 

But at 11, Uncle Jimmy once again came through with a new 5-piece kit.  It was huge and loud.  Oh yeah.  I remember bang bang bang boom.  I was once again alive.  My parents thought I was already nuts listening to Cream, Led Zep, The Who, Hendrix and soon Black Sabbath.  But again it was short-lived.  Baby sister was born in May, drums gone in June.  Bummer!

It wasn’t all sad.  When I was young, my drums came and went but I figured out other ways to freak out my parents – Outward Bound, extreme sports, class V whitewater rafting, climbing, motorcycles and fast cars.  But the music – rock, punk, Led Zep, The Police, The Clash, the blues, live music – is what I enjoyed most of all. 

The way the furniture started was like this – I was out in my garage tossing stuff in the garbage can for trash day and went to toss an old 13” tom drum.  When my drop light for working on cars caught my eye, I thought, “Wow, what a cool lamp!  I can make lamps.  I can make stools. I can make all kinds of stuff.    Right on.”  Considering the past, drums, no drum, drums, I decided never ever to toss a drum away.  I’ll give it a new life.   And a new kit 35 years later, as a matter of fact, two drum kits later, now I play everyday!!

My shop is a small 2-car garage at my home.  All financed by me.  A parts driver for a local truck company, I use part of my weekly check (my very weakly check) to pay for the materials.

Some have called my stuff art.  Some have called it fun and whimsical.  Some say it kicks ass.  Some say it rocks.  Some say it’s cool.  Some say it’s made well and looks great.  Even Antonio Ballatore said great things about it when I presented my clock to him on HGTV’s show called HGTV’d.  But the best thing is that you can use it.  It’s yours.  Made for you numbered and signed.  I will even put your name on it.  So, help me save a drum or two and save me from my “weekly job”. 

Check out my press releases in the September 2011 issue of Modern Drummer magazine and on www.drummagazine.com and www.recordingmag.com and soon others!

Drummed Up Creations.  Save a drum or two…..

                                                                                                                Peace to All, Walter D.



Contact Me:
Walter DiPiazza
Denver, CO
(720)427-7224 | drummedupcreations@comcast.net



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