Drummed Up Creations
            Musically Inspired Furniture For The Music Lover In All Of Us

My pieces are handmade one at a time with wood drum shells new and old.  I design all pieces myself by what I visualize – clocks, shelves, tables, magazine racks, etc.  I can build pieces from 6” to 40” diameter and up to 27 ½” deep, so just about anything is possible. 

All woods used are high quality birches, maples, walnuts, oaks, cherries, even exotics.  Exotics are only available when I can find them as scraps or if I can purchase a remnant. 

The drum shell finishes include automotive grade vinyls – wild looking stuff and tough, plastic wraps and paint.  The hardware can be new or recycled.  Older hardware looks vintage, but I still make sure it all looks good…vintage not crap.

I hope you can see and enjoy my furniture in your home, office or studio. 

Thanks for your interest in Drummed Up Creations!

Walter DiPiazza

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